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Betting to Lose- My First Dietbet Experience

In my previous post, I shared with you all my weight loss goal for 2019. This is a pretty general goal for most women at the start of a new year. For a lot of us, because this is more of a superficial goal, we don’t get very far in our journey.  Our weight goes up and down, over and over. After a while, it gets to the point that we have very little motivation to get back up and try again. This perfectly describes how I felt in November of 2018. Let me tell you what happened………..

Better Together

I was in a place where I knew I needed to get back on track but I had little motivation to do so. One day, a good friend of mine, who I affectionately call “Friend”, told me about this thing called the dietbet. It is basically a weight loss forum where you bet money on losing weight. If you win (lose the allotted percentage of weight), you get your money back plus some! Desperately needing some form of motivation, I decided I wanted to try but I didn’t want to do it alone. On the Sunday before thanksgiving, Friend, my sister Shon, and I joined the $30 holiday hustle dietbet hosted by Lexi aka Fatgirlfedup (Follow her on instagram to read her story).

Money Matters

In order to win the bet, I had to lose 9lbs in 4 weeks. Seeing as though we started during the most epic food holiday of the year, I knew this would not be easy. Over the next 4 weeks, it was an up and down battle. I rocked it some days and other days I sucked. Surprisingly, I managed to get to my goal weight 3 days before the bet was over. Feeling like I had done enough, I treated myself to ONE square of pizza at a birthday party. That small treat knocked me 4 steps away from my goal! I really wanted to give up but Friend and Shon kept encouraging me to push harder. So I flushed my system with water and used all the discipline I could muster up for the next 48 hours. On the final day to weigh in, I hit my goal with 2 ounces to spare. To make it even sweeter, they won too! 

Should You Do It?

ABSOLUTELY! If you are like me and hate losing money, I think this would be an amazing tool to keep you motivated. This is literally you putting your money where your mouth is. Trust me, you never know the strength you have inside until your hard earned cash is on the line. If you need something to kick you into gear, go download the app and join a game- NOW!

My Challenge to You!Easy tool to help you shed the extra weight

I don’t care if you have been at this for 1 year or 5, I want you to try again! Start with some mental preparation. I highly recommend reading the book “Made to Crave” by Lysa Terkeurst. It focuses on changing your relationship with food from a spiritual aspect. I would not tell you to do anything I’m not doing. Just a few minutes ago, I signed up for my second dietbet to start my year off right. I plan on betting to lose for the remainder of 2019.

How do you plan to crush your weight loss goals this year? Comment below!


*cyber high 5*

~Reese J.~

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