How moms can keep healthy family balance and have a successful business with time management skills.

How to Balance like a Boss

Some may think it is insane to be married with 5 children, work outside the home, and pursue entrepreneurship all at the same time. Honestly speaking, it can get pretty rough. Appointments forgotten, laundry goes undone, and there may be times when your kids will “get the opportunity” to cook dinner because you’re busy preparing for the coming week. That is my life. When I decided I wanted to be a “boss mom”, I did not know just how busy I would be. There is one thing that has helped me to keep everything in it’s right perspective-


Whether you are a stay at home mom (which I deem to be a huge job!) or a working mom, we all need balance. It is important to be strategic about how we spend our days. Too much business and not enough family leads to an unhappy home. These 3 easy time management tools will help you divide your day equally and keep your busy schedule in order.

  1. Calendars– Yes, with an “S”! Without my calendars, I would be lost. I have one hanging in my bedroom that I look at several times a day. I also use the calendar on my phone and my google calendar. Anything that is of the slightest importance- gym days, doctor’s appointments, meetings, date nights, catering events, church events, parent conferences- everything gets plugged in and written down.
  2. To-Do Lists– I recently discovered an app called “Journal It” and it has been AMAZING! It is a multi-faceted app that allows you to make to-do check lists for your day. My favorite way to use this is to make grocery lists. You can also make journal entries or even write business notes to yourself. Go to your playstore and download it NOW! 
  3. Daily Structure- When you have a lot on your plate, strategically structuring your day is a MUST. For example, during really busy catering times, I have to spread out my tasks daily. Here’s an example of what my week looks like:
    • Monday- Rest night aka family time, gym
    • Tuesday- Grocery shopping, gym
    • Wednesday- Gym, Midweek worship service
    • Thursday- Prep Day
    • Friday- Cook and Deliver

Following a schedule like this helps me to spread myself out and not do too many things in one day. I still get everything accomplished without feeling overwhelmed.

Understanding Priorities Balancing tips for the everyday busy mom


Everything may be important but not everything is a priority. While it may be important to make it your friend’s birthday party, in comparison to family night, it’s not a priority. My husband and I are always super busy but we want our children to know they are a top priority to us. One way we have shown this is by implementing  Sunday Movie Nights. We unplug from the world, put all phones away, and enjoy a movie & popcorn with our kiddos after Sunday dinner. It’s our favorite night of the week! I always say, you can be an amazing employee, an awesome entrepreneur, and all that in between, but if your home is in shambles, figuratively and emotionally, then none of your other accomplishments matter. Family must always come first. PERIOD.

My Challenge To You!

Take an inventory of how you spend your week. Did you prioritize your days well enough to serve your home and your business? Did your family get enough of your attention? Did you get any me time? Look at your daily schedule and evaluate what you need to eliminate and what you need to add.

Leave a comment and tell me about your week!



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