We walk by faith and not by sight
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Accessing God’s Promises Through Faith

Faith can be defined as confidence or trust in a person or thing. Hebrews 11:1 defines it as “the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen”. That sounds kind of scary and just a little bit crazy, right? For my husband and I, it is a way of life. Every single victory we have won during our marriage can be accredited to our faith in God. For example, we have gone to a car lot with no money and driven off with a new vehicle. We have applied for jobs that we didn’t qualify for and gotten hired on the spot. Most recently we took a leap of faith to purchase our first home and it happened! Becoming homeowners was one of the hardest journeys we have ever faced but the battle was won all because we walked by faith. Here’s our story…..

The Beginning

When we got married, we initially lived with my mother in a 2 bedroom apartment. It was not the most ideal situation but we made it work. Soon thereafter, we all transitioned into a 3 bedroom townhouse. After a year of living there, my mother moved on and we stayed for a while until we could no longer maintain on our own. We were evicted and forced to stay with family until we got on our feet. That was a pretty rough journey.  Eventually we were able to obtain a 3 bedroom house through a housing assistance program that helped low income families. For the moment, everything in our life was just fine.

God Spoke

There's a promise at the end

4 years  later, our story made an interesting turn. One night during a church service, a preacher prayed for my husband and told him that God was going to give us a new house. He described it as a 4 bedroom house with a finished basement with extra rooms and a family room, 2 doors, and a swing set in the backyard. We left there thinking “Lord, what are you getting us into now?”. About a year later we started making steps towards looking for our house. Months later, we found something that was really nice and affordable without the housing assistance program. It didn’t match the description we were told but we went for it anyways. On the day we were supposed to sign our new lease, we received news that we could not move into this house due to occupancy limitations. That knocked the wind out of us!

Pressing On

I won’t lie, that completely shook my faith. Looking back, we should not have attempted to settle for anything less than what God promised in the first place.  As we always do, we pressed on. Over the next 3 years, we filled out several applications for rental properties but kept getting denied. With each denial, a little piece of my faith was chipped away. Fast forward to March 2019, I ran across an online ad about pre-qualifying for a home loan with below average credit. Just for fun, I filled out the application. I expected another denial. What I got was a phone call from a loan company and before I knew it, we had secured a pre-approval. Talk about having faith the size of a mustard seed!

Faith Steps

Our process started off rocky. It got better once we found our amazing realtor, who then connected us to a better loan company for our situation. We spent the next several months going to showings and open houses. Finally, after 2 denied contract offers, my husband found a house that fit the description of God’s promise perfectly. There was one problem- it was $5000 more than our pre-approved amount! Since this house had been on the market for a while, our realtor suggested that we go for it and see what happens. We prayed in the house before we left the showing and that night, we put in an offer. As an act of faith, I wrote a letter to the seller to tell them a little about us and how much we loved their house. And this happened…………

Offer ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!

The next morning, our realtor called and screamed “God is good all the time, honey your offer was accepted”. *INSERT LOTS OF CRYING AND SCREAMING* She told me that the sellers were really moved by the letter I wrote.  This house had 5 other full priced offers  given before us but the owners didn’t feel like it was right for them. When they read my letter, they said “This is the family we have been waiting for”. I immediately called my husband and we both just began praising God. Faith did it AGAIN! We went from denied rental applications to an approved home loan to an accepted contract on a house above our price range all within a matter of months. Can you say mind blown?!

Contending By Faith

Obstacle after obstacle was thrown our way during the process. One of the biggest hurdles was finding down payment assistance. Because it took so long to find our house, the program we were initially apart of ran out of funding for the area we were buying in. So we were forced to look for another option. Our loan agent informed me of a program that offered the full down payment amount we needed but in order to qualify I would need to pay off a large debt to get my credit score where it needed to be. We didn’t have any extra money at the time. Walking by faith, my husband reached out to a friend about loaning us the money. He received an immediate yes! After paying the debt, my credit score increased and we secured the funds. We could see the finish line……

Closing Week

Up until this point, we were told we would not need to bring any money to the table on closing day. Between the amount of seller credits we received and the funds given through the down payment assistance program, we were actually over the amount we needed to close. Two days before closing, we found out that we needed to pay for our home inspection in order for our title to clear. We had half of the money but needed the other half within hours. My faith-walking husband picked up the phone again and in 1 hour, the bill was paid. We were clear to close with no additional funds needed. On August 8th, 2019, we became the proud owners of our 4 bedroom house, with a finished basement with a family room and extra rooms, 2 doors, and a play set in the backyard!

A Man of Faith

I have to give my husband credit, who always gives all the credit to God. It was his boldness to even ask about this house that started the ball rolling. I kept telling him that there was no way we would get this house because it was above our price range. He insisted that we could. I doubted. He kept the faith. The moment I connected my faith with his, things started to happen. It pays to be married to a man who has faith big enough to move mountains!


Our Final Word To You Is…….

Faith journeys are not always easy. You clearly see  that through our story with all the many twists and turns we encountered. When God speaks to you about your future, buckle up because you are about to take a ride! The best part about it is if you let God do all the driving, you will reach your final faith destination at the appointed time. We made it through our ride and so can you!



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